Top 10 Restaurants on Mulberry Street 2023

Mulberry and Grand Street Sign

Mulberry Street has a long and proud history of having some of New York City’s best food establishments. New Yorkers and tourists have fond memories of eating at the restaurants and cafes on Mulberry Street. Whether going to the Feast of San Gennaro, walking the street on the weekend, or just getting a bite after work. We all, as a community, have spent time there. But with all the changes in the last few years. You may need help picking your next restaurant or eater to try. We have gone out and lost our summer bodies so that you can have this “Top 10 Restaurants of Mulberry Street” list. Rember this is a guide and our opinions you can have your own. What we say is not gossip, and everyone has their tastes.

Cannoli Kings Cannoli’s Caffe Palermo

Top 10 Restaurants on Mulberry Street 2023

  1. Lombardi’s
  2. Emilio Ballato
  3. Rubirosa
  4. La Mela
  5. Pasta Boss
  6. Il Cortile
  7. UpSlice
  8. Osteria Barocca
  9. Da Nico
  10. Casa Bella

Not a bad list, right? Some of these restaurants have been around for over 50 years and institutions. We are still working out the write-up for each visit, but once everything is complete, there will be links to articles about each restaurant, the experience in each, and why they are part of the Top “10 Restaurants Mulberry Street”. Stay tuned for more 10 Tops like “Best Pasta,” “Best Cocktail,” and “Best Cannoli”. Guide to Mulberry will also have a Youtube channel with interviews, tastings, and much more! Follow us on all Social Platforms under GuideToMulberry to stay in the Know of all Our activities.

Thank you all for taking your time and visiting us. We hope to have you return to us for all your Mulberry Street informational needs and wants.

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